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The ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses offer consistent coverage, color rendering, aperture, size, weight, and ergonomics. Covering full-frame and larger sensors with a 46.3mm image circle, these lenses are color-matched across the range and mostly feature a fast T1.5 T-stop. Our set includes 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 29mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, and 135mm lenses. The ZEISS Supreme Primes are high-end, high-speed lenses, ideal for ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, RED MONSTRO VV 8K, Sony VENICE, and other full-frame/large-format cameras. They feature a small 95mm front diameter, ultra-smooth focus rotation, and Cooke /i lens data system technology. The lenses are designed for edge-to-edge sharpness, with a 16-blade iris for natural-looking out-of-focus highlights, and are compatible with various cinema accessories.


Consistency is one of the key elements offered by the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses: that means consistent coverage, color rendering, aperture, size, weight, and ergonomics. All of the lenses across the family cover full-frame and even bigger sensors with an image circle of 46.3 mm. The ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses are color-matched across the full range and most feature a fast T-stop of T1.5.

Our set of 9 x ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses available for rent includes:

  • 18mm T1.5
  • 21mm T1.5
  • 25mm T1.5
  • 29mm T1.5
  • 35mm T1.5
  • 50mm T1.5
  • 85mm T1.5
  • 100mm T1.5
  • 135mm T1.5

The ZEISS Supreme Prime T1.5 are high-end, high-speed cinema lenses that are both smaller and lighter, featuring a more versatile image look that is ideal for use with the ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, RED MONSTRO VV 8K, Sony VENICE, and full frame/large-format LF digital cinema cameras. The Supreme Prime look is a notable departure from that of Master Primes, in that it is sharper while remaining organic, color-neutral, and quite forgiving overall (particularly when filming skin tones, thanks to redesigned contrast levels). Each Supreme Prime also features Cooke /i lens data system technology, compatible with ARRI, Red, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon PL/LPL mount cameras.

The small front diameter of 95mm on almost all lenses and standardized positioning of the focus and iris rings across the whole family facilitate fast and easy accessory changeout. The compact and lightweight design means you enjoy easy and comfortable handling. The ultra-smooth focus rotation of the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses, even in extreme temperatures, allows for small motors to make sure you have an easy setup that’s enjoyable to work with.

This 9-lens set consists of 9 x PL Mount ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses designed for service in the cinema industry, while providing image coverage for a full frame, large format, and VV sized sensor. The range of lenses in this package provides you with the creative choices to fully cover shooting most scenes. The included lenses feature a PL mount, and the focal lengths consist of 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 29mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, and 135mm lenses. All the lenses are T1.5, with focus scales marked in feet, and they are designed to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness, brightness, and provide a cinematic image.

Each lens features a 16-blade iris, which provides rounded, out-of-focus highlights for a more natural-looking image and consistency when switching focal lengths. The lenses share a consistent form factor across the family, sharing the same front diameter, as well as gear position, minimizing differences to adjust for as you switch lenses during your shoot day.

The ZEISS Supreme Prime T1.5 lenses feature interchangeable PL mounts and are marked in feet. The lenses cover Full Frame sensors with a 46.3mm image circle. The internal focus design provides minimal focus breathing and a non-rotating front. The focus ring rotates 300° from a close focus of 10″ to infinity, providing plenty of room for precise focus pulls. The iris is made up of 16 blades arranged to create circular, out-of-focus highlights. Both the focus and iris rings incorporate industry-standard 0.8 MOD, 32-pitch drive gears, and the lenses within the Supreme lineup share the same gear positions, making for rapid lens changes.

The lenses are fast at T1.5, yet have only a 95mm front diameter. This allows you to use a wide variety of matte boxes from handheld to studio size. The lenses also weigh around 3.5 pounds while featuring an interchangeable mount system. The PL mount passes metadata and is compatible with both the Cooke /i and the ZEISS Xtended Data systems.


  • Covers Full Format (36mm x 24mm “Full Frame”), Large-Format and MONSTRO Vista Vision
  • Sharp and crisp images with close focus ability
  • Well-controlled color aberrations (CA)
  • Well-controlled distortion and breathing
  • Low stray-light and ghosting characteristic
  • Compact, lightweight and consistent mechanical design
  • Very smooth and temperature-stabilized focusing mechanism
  • Easy-to-read, calibrated, and yellow painted scales
  • Interchangeable mount system (IMS) supporting communication with camera (lens data)


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