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The ZEISS 15mm Compact Prime T2.9 CP.3 XD is a rectilinear, extreme wide-angle cinema lens designed for full-frame and Super35 sensors. Compatible with ARRI, RED, Sony, and other PL/LPL mount cameras, it features the Cooke /i lens data system, a 46.3mm image circle, minimal focus breathing, and a 15-blade iris for smooth bokeh. The lens also includes a LEMO port for extended data technology and comes with an interchangeable PL mount.


The ZEISS 15mm Compact Prime T2.9 CP.3 XD is a high-performance, rectilinear wide-angle cinema lens, offering superior versatility for use with full-frame and large-format LF digital cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, RED MONSTRO VV 8K, and Sony VENICE. This compact and lightweight lens features a more adaptable image look, making it ideal for various cinematic applications.

Key features of the ZEISS 15mm Compact Prime include:

  • 46.3mm Image Circle: Ensures compatibility with both full-frame and Super35 sensors.
  • Internal Focus Design: Maintains minimal focus breathing, enhancing the cinematic quality of the footage.
  • Cooke /i Lens Data System: Compatible with major camera brands (ARRI, RED, Sony, Panasonic, Canon), allowing for real-time adjustment of distortion and shading via a LEMO cable connection.
  • Interchangeable PL Mount: Provides flexibility to use with various camera systems.
  • 15-Blade Iris: Delivers smooth, pleasing bokeh and consistent quality across the aperture range.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: A close focus distance of 12 inches (30cm) for capturing detailed close-ups.
  • 300° Focus Rotation: Offers precise control over focus adjustments, crucial for professional cinematography.
  • 95mm Front Diameter: Standardized front diameter for easy compatibility with matte boxes and filters.
  • Removable Support Foot: Equipped with a 3/8″-16 mounting thread for secure and stable mounting.

Additional features include:

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Easier to handle and ideal for handheld or gimbal use.
  • Color-Matched with Supreme Prime Series: Ensures consistent color reproduction across ZEISS lens sets.
  • Standardized Focus and Iris Ring Positioning: Facilitates quick lens changes without reconfiguring follow focus or iris control setups.

The ZEISS 15mm Compact Prime T2.9 CP.3 XD lens brings advanced technology and high-quality optics into a compact and versatile package, making it an excellent choice for filmmakers aiming to achieve stunning, high-resolution wide-angle shots with minimal distortion and exceptional detail.


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