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Tokina's 1.6x Expander PL to PL Extender allows Super35 PL lenses to be used on full-frame cameras like the RED Monstro, Alexa Mini LF, and Sony Venice. It increases the image circle by 1.6x with minimal light loss of 1.36 stops, preserving lens performance with its robust 7-element optical design. Ideal for lenses with T2.0 or larger apertures.


From Tokina, we present the new 1.6x Expander PL to PL Extender. Cinematographers can now use their favorite Super35 PL lenses on the latest full-frame cameras such as the RED Monstro, Alexa Mini LF, and Sony Venice.

The PL expander increases the diameter of the image circle by 1.6x on Super35 PL prime and zoom lenses. This allows for a greater variety of lens choices when filming with cameras like the RED Monstro or Alexa Mini LF. Tokina engineers paid special attention to the 7-element optical design to ensure the integrity of the original lens’ performance, keeping light fall-off to a manageable 1.36 stops.

Key Features:

  • Mechanical Design: Robust, durable, and lightweight, the all-mechanical design ensures reliability.
  • Optimal Performance: Best results are achieved with lenses that have a T2.0 or larger aperture and when the lens is stopped down to T2.8 or smaller.
  • Focal Length Multiplier: This PL to PL 1.6x Extender multiplies the focal length of any compatible lens by 1.6x, so a 50mm lens effectively becomes an 80mm lens.
  • Exposure Loss: Minimal light loss of only 1.36 stops, very manageable for cinematographers.
  • Increased Image Circle: The 1.6x Extender increases the lens image circle, allowing lenses designed for Super35mm to cover Full Frame and Large Format sensors, such as those on the RED Monstro, Alexa Mini LF, and Sony Venice.

This Tokina 1.6x Expander is a versatile tool that expands the usability of existing lens collections for modern full-frame cinema cameras, maintaining high performance and image quality.


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