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The Sony Rialto Camera Extension System for the VENICE camera allows for flexible mounting options by extending the sensor block up to 18 feet away from the camera body with no loss of image quality. It maintains all VENICE functions and adds an SDI monitor output and power output at the sensor end, enabling remote shooting with the same 6K quality. Ideal for stabilizers, helicopters, and tight spaces, the Rialto enhances mobility and functionality for professional cinematography.


The Sony Rialto Camera Extension System enhances the flexibility and functionality of the Sony VENICE camera by allowing the sensor block to be extended up to 18 feet away from the camera body. This innovative system is perfect for situations where mounting the full camera body is impractical, such as on a stabilizer, in a helicopter, or within tight spaces.

Key Features:

  • Extension Capability: The Rialto allows the sensor block to be removed and extended by either 2.7m (9.8ft) or 5.5m (18ft) from the camera body without any loss of image quality.
  • Full Functionality: Maintains all the VENICE’s functions, including the 6K image quality and advanced features.
  • Added Outputs: Includes an SDI monitor output and a 12/24 VDC power output at the sensor end, providing power for accessories like lens servo motors and monitors.
  • Lightweight Sensor Block: The separated image block weighs just 4 lb with a PL mount and 3 lb with an E-mount, enhancing mobility for handheld and gimbal use.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Features mounting holes on all top, bottom, sides, and back for versatile mounting onto camera supports or handheld rigs.
  • Accessory Power: The VENICE body plate has a 24 VDC input connector (Fischer 3-pin) and a Hirose 4-pin connector for 12 VDC output.

Detailed Features:

  • Mounts onto Front of VENICE: Allows easy attachment and detachment.
  • Maintains Full Camera Functions: Ensures no compromise on the advanced features the VENICE offers, such as its built-in 8-step glass ND filter system and Dual Base ISO.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Ideal for use with gimbals, handheld, in helicopter/underwater housings, custom rigs for 3D/VR content, and shooting in confined spaces.
  • Accessory Integration: The added 12/24 VDC output and HD-SDI output facilitate seamless integration with various accessories.
  • Flexible Mounting: Multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting points on the sensor block case ensure compatibility with a wide range of mounting equipment.

The Sony Rialto Camera Extension System is a significant upgrade for the VENICE camera, offering unparalleled flexibility and maintaining the high-quality standards that professionals expect from Sony’s VENICE line.


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