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The Phantom VEO 710S is the go-to Phantom camera for ‘bullet time’ and high-speed, low-light slow-motion shooting. It boasts a 2.5K Super35 sensor capable of 7,500 FPS at 1280 x 800 with a native ISO of 10,000 in LOG1 mode. With enormous 20-micron pixels, it delivers unparalleled low-light performance, making it ideal for capturing extreme high-speed action even in challenging lighting conditions. The VEO 710S is equipped with both Global and Rolling Shutter modes, 32GB RAM for extended capture times, and comes with a comprehensive accessory kit for seamless operation.


The Phantom VEO 710S is the Phantom camera for ‘bullet time’ and the ‘low-light’ high speed slow motion specialist, now available to rent from Panny Hire L.A

The Phantom VEO 710S (32GB) is a king of insane FPS and amazing low-light high speed shooting. The VEO 710S specializes in extreme FPS and the 710S sensor has the largest pixel size, this results in a much higher native ISO compared with other Phantom cameras. The pixel size on the VEO 710S sensor is 20 micron, vs 10 micron on the Flex 2.5K and 6.75 micron on the VEO 4K / Flex 4K! So the VEO 710S sensor has huge pixels! This is the RED Gemini equivalent of Phantom cameras! The maximum resolution is 1280 x 800, which may seem on the lower end, but it is actually beneficial, because the sensor is still Super35 in size, it has less pixels and they are huge in size! Also, when shooting extreme high speed slow motion we know that resolution is not the most important factor, whereas light, and the amount of light you need is a much more important factor, coupled with extremely high frame rates, these are winning factors. That is what the VEO 710S was ultimately designed for..


The Phantom VEO 710S can shoot 7,500 FPS at 1280 x 800, with a native ISO of 10,000 in LOG1 mode, compared to 1600 ISO (LOG1) on the VEO 4K / Flex 4K! When filmmakers often say ‘Phantom cameras need a LOT of light’ that statement simply doesn’t hold true when talking about the VEO 710S, especially compared to other Phantom cameras. There has never been a more capable low-light Phantom camera, the 710S is groundbreaking!

If you need to capture a golf ball being struck at 20,000 FPS, shooting with only sunlight, the VEO 710S is the camera for the job! No other Phantom camera can capture 20,000 FPS with only natural and available sunlight. Shooting Phantom high speed slow motion even in moonlight is now achievable! If you need to capture a bullet being fired from a gun at 36,000 FPS, shooting on a gun range with only sunlight as your light source, this is the Phantom camera for that job..


The VEO 710S has a native ISO of 2000 (REC709) or 10,000 ISO in LOG1 and 20,000 ISO in LOG2. We generally shoot everything in LOG1 for optimal dynamic range, so 10,000 ISO is an absolute dream to work with!

Here is a brief summary of the frame rates and resolutions:

1280 x 800P @ 7,500 FPS (HD)
1280 x 720P @ 8,350 FPS (HD 16:9)
1024 x 576P @ 12,750 FPS (SD 16:9)
896 x 480P @ 17,000 FPS (SD 16:9)
576 x 320P @ 36,000 FPS (16:9)
512 x 256P @ 49,000 FPS (16:9)

To shoot at extreme FPS on a Phantom VEO 4K, or Flex 4K or Flex 2.5K we would have to crop-in on the sensor so much, it would result in only using a tiny portion of the sensor and an image that is much noisier and softer than optimal because the usable area of the sensor is very small, whereas the VEO 710S can shoot 8,350 FPS at full sensor, Super35 and with huge pixels! That is when it all makes sense and explains why the resolution is lower on the 710S, because on a VEO 4K / Flex 4K more pixels (for resolution) = smaller pixels and lots of smaller pixels = the enemy of low-light performance! Whereas the VEO 710S does the exact opposite, with less pixels but still on a Super35 sensor + huge pixels and insanely high FPS!

This is the most extraordinary Phantom camera that we own!

We supply the following in our VEO 710S kit:

  • Phantom VEO 710S (36GB) (10GbE)
  • 10GbE Ethernet Module Upgrade + 10G Ethernet Cable (10 meter)
  • Cameo Essential Kit + Monitor Swivel Mount + V-Lock Battery Plate
  • Cameo Baseplate Riser + 15mm Rods + Pickle Switch Trigger
  • VEO USB WiFi Adapter + iPhantom iOS App Support (iPhone Camera Control)
  • 6 x V-Lock Batteries + 4-Way Charger + VEO AC Mains Adapter
  • Small HD 702 Bright OLED 7″ Monitor + D-Tap Connector
  • 4TB SSD RAID 0 (4 x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD’s)
  • Akitio Thunder 2 Quad (x 4) Mini Thunderbolt 2 Enclosure
  • Sanlink2 Base T Thunderbolt 2
  • MacBook Pro DIT Station
  • PhantomFuse (for Mac Finder integration)
  • 2 x CFast 2.0 Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB Cards + Thunderbolt 2 / USB3 Card Reader

All of the above gear results is SUPER FAST transfers of the VEO 710S RAM. Transfer a full 36GB from the VEO 710S’s RAM to the RAID 0 SSD in less than 1 minute! The 10GbE Ethernet cable is supplied and it can be hot swapped/disconnected and reconnected in between shots, it doesn’t need to be continually tethered, which is great, just plug it in when you want to transfer the RAM. Obviously, capturing to CFast 2.o cards is also supported and we provide CFast 2.0 Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB cards and a reader as well.

We can supply the Phantom VEO 710S camera with an Operator / Tech or without, we recommend with an Operator / Tech to maximise the results!


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