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Brand new and highly regarded, the Phantom VEO 640S camera from Vision Research is now available for rent. This compact powerhouse is smaller than a DSMC2 RED or Alexa Mini but boasts impressive features, including a Super35 sensor that captures up to 2.5K at 1666 FPS in 14-bit RAW and Apple ProRes HQ to CFast 2.0 cards. With an amazing native ISO of 1280, it offers exceptional performance for high-speed cinematography, including anamorphic shooting. Ideal for capturing ultra-slow-motion footage, the VEO 640S is available with various mounts and lenses to suit your needs, along with the full AbelCine Cameo Kit.


Brand new and the highly regarded Phantom VEO 640S camera from Vision Research is now available to rent from Panny Hire in L.A, Burbank, Hollywood and Los Angeles!

The Phantom VEO 640S is a small and lightweight camera (6.5 lb / 2.5KG), smaller than a DSMC2 RED, smaller than an Alexa Mini but don’t let the VEO’s size deceive you.


The Phantom VEO 640 high speed camera is full of heavyweight features; equipped with a Super35 sensor size (industry standard) that captures images up to 2.5K at 1666 FPS in 14-bit RAW (native support in Premiere Pro and FCP X) and Apple ProRes HQ to CFast 2.0 cards, no more Cine-Mag hassle!

Here is a brief summary of frame rates and resolutions:

2.5K @ 1500 FPS (full frame)

2.5K @ 1666 FPS (2.5K 1.78:1)

2K @ 2510 FPS (2K 1.78:1)

1080 @ 2822 FPS (HD / 1.77:1) HD

1600 @ 1909 FPS (1.20:1) Anamorphic

720P @ 5788 FPS HD

576P @ 8650 FPS

480P @ 10,000 FPS

So, thats a Super35 field-of-view, at 2.5K resolution, 14-bit RAW at 1666 FPS and it is smaller than a new RED or an ARRI Mini? Note the Anamorphic aspect ratio above too, yes it shoots Anamorphic as well! 

And 2822 FPS at 1080 HD is insane, you really have to see it to believe it!

The native ISO of the sensor is amazing at 1280 ISO, unbelievable!

We can supply the VEO 640 slow motion camera with PL mount, Nikon and Canon EF mount. Also, with ARRI Master Primes, ARRI Ultra Primes, or any lens to suit your preference! VEO 640S also supplied with the full AbelCine Cameo Kit. Includes OLPF.

We can supply the Phantom VEO 640S camera with an Operator / Tech or without, we recommend with an Operator / Tech to maximise the results!


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