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The highly anticipated Phantom VEO 4K camera from Vision Research is now available to rent. This compact powerhouse boasts identical sensor quality and frame rates as the Phantom Flex4K but at half the size, weight, and price. Featuring both Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter modes, it shoots 4K at 1000 FPS, 2K at 2000 FPS, and 1080p at 2000 FPS in 12-bit RAW. The camera comes with a full accessory kit, including various mounts, batteries, and a high-speed data transfer setup. Ideal for high-speed cinematography, it’s perfect for capturing stunning slow-motion footage with exceptional clarity.


The Phantom VEO 4K has an identical sensor, image quality and frame rates as a Phantom Flex4K! The VEO 4K is half the weight, half the size and half the price of a Flex4K too! So get identical acquisition to the Flex4K without the bulk.


Additionally, the VEO 4K has both Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter modes, which makes it unique in the Phantom camera lineup.

We supply the following in our VEO 4K kit:

  • Phantom VEO 4K PL (inc. OLPF)
  • 10G Ethernet Module Upgrade + 10G Ethernet Cable (10 meter)
  • Global Shutter & Rolling Shutter Modes
  • Cameo Essential Kit + Monitor Swivel Mount + V-Lock Battery Plate
  • Cameo Baseplate Riser + 15mm Rods + Pickle Switch Trigger
  • VEO USB WiFi Adapter + iPhantom iOS App Support (iPhone Camera Control)
  • 6 x V-Lock Batteries + 4-Way Charger + VEO AC Mains Adapter
  • Small HD 702 Bright OLED 7″ Monitor + D-Tap Connector
  • 4TB SSD RAID 0 (4 x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD’s)
  • Akitio Thunder 2 Quad (x 4) Mini Thunderbolt 2 Enclosure
  • Sanlink2 Base T Thunderbolt 2
  • MacBook Pro DIT Station
  • PhantomFuse (for Mac Finder integration)
  • 2 x CFast 2.0 Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB Cards + Thunderbolt 2 / USB3 Card Reader

All of the above gear results is SUPER FAST transfers of the VEO 4K’s RAM.

Transfer a full 72GB from the VEO 4K’s RAM to the RAID 0 SSD in less than 2 minutes! The 10G Ethernet cable is supplied and it can be hot swapped/disconnected and reconnected in between shots, it doesn’t need to be continually tethered, which is great, just plug it in when you want to transfer the RAM. Obviously, capturing to CFast 2.o cards is also supported and we provide CFast 2.0 Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB cards and a reader as well.

The Phantom VEO 4K is a small and lightweight camera (6.5 lb / 2.5KG), smaller than a DSMC2 RED, smaller than an Alexa Mini but don’t let the VEO’s size deceive you.

The Phantom VEO 4K high speed camera is full of heavyweight features; equipped with a Super35 sensor size (industry standard) that captures images up to 4K at 1000 FPS in 12-bit RAW, 2000 FPS at 2K (native support in Premiere Pro and FCP X), so no more Cine-Mag hassle!


Here is a brief summary of frame rates and resolutions:

4K @ 1000 FPS

2K @ 2000 FPS

1080 @ 2000 FPS

So, thats a Super35 field-of-view, at 4K resolution, 12-bit RAW at 1000 FPS and it is smaller than a new RED or an ARRI Mini? Note the Anamorphic options too, yes it shoots Anamorphic as well! The VEO 4K has an anamorphic de-squeeze viewfinder option as well!

The native ISO of the sensor is amazing at 800 ISO, but can be cranked from 320 to 2500 ISO and it is still super clean, even at maximum ISO, unbelievable!

We can supply the VEO 4K slow motion camera with PL mount, Nikon and Canon EF mount. Also, with ARRI Master Primes, ARRI Ultra Primes, or any lens to suit your preference! VEO 4K also supplied with the full AbelCine Cameo Kit. Includes OLPF.

We can supply the Phantom VEO 4K camera with an Operator / Tech or without, we recommend with an Operator / Tech to maximise the results!


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