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The TAIKO 2X1 RGBAW LED by Luxli, manufactured in Norway, is a top-tier LED light combining high power output and precise color accuracy in a lightweight, 2.75" thick frame. It features a rugged design, versatile power options (AC or battery), and advanced connectivity including Bluetooth, DMX 512, and compatibility with Luxli’s Composer mobile app. The Taiko delivers a powerful 15,500 lux output, adjustable color temperatures from 2800 to 10,000K, and a range of special effects, making it ideal for studio and field use. Its fanless cooling ensures silent operation, and the included medium-strength diffuser softens the light for a flattering, wraparound effect.


The TAIKO 2X1 RGBAW LED is manufactured in Norway, in the EU by Luxli and is a leader in its class that combines high power output with pinpoint color accuracy into a lightweight frame that’s only 2.75″ thick. With a new rugged design, durable construction, and streamlined power efficiency, the Taiko is the perfect addition to any field or studio lighting setup.

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The Taiko’s advanced connectivity features allow you to add it into any studio setup or lighting grid. Whether you’re working in the studio with AC power, or on location with battery power, you’ll benefit from the same power output and performance to illuminate your creative vision.

Its 2 x 1-foot LED configuration boasts a powerful output capacity along with a compact enclosure. This multicolor LED light features a highly accurate and versatile RGBAW LED that provides amazing accuracy across the white color spectrum. The unit’s color adjustment modes will illuminate your subject with any hue of light you can imagine using RGB mode or the 150 built-in digital filters. Special effects are preprogrammed yet editable to give your video lifelike drama and immediacy.

The light is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE that pairs with your tablet or smartphone when you open Luxli’s Composer mobile app. The Taiko supports DMX 512 so it will seamlessly fit into any lighting grid. Master and apprentice mode allow you to attach multiple Taikos and other Orchestra-series studio lights and control them from a single unit. Whether controlled via the app, the interface on the unit itself, or DMX, the Taiko will illuminate your creative vision with endless possibilities.

Powerful Output

The Taiko is Luxli’s most powerful light to date, with an output of 15,500 lux, which is more than 3.5 times more powerful than Luxli’s Timpani 1×1 LED. This means the lights can be moved further back and still cast brilliant light. With the diffuser installed, the Taiko’s output is 9800 lux, still more than twice the output of the Timpani, while reducing the harshness of the direct raw light output.

Accurate and Versatile RGBAW LED

The accurate and versatile RGBAW LEDs open a whole new range of creative possibilities. Color mixing on each LED means higher accuracy and full panel output, regardless of settings. The “A” and “W” in RGBAW stand for amber and white, 3000 and 5600 K color temperature LEDs, respectively. And thanks to the amber and white LEDs, brightness and accuracy apply to any color temperature.

Precise Color Rendering at All Color Temperatures

You won’t need to spend your time at the computer, color correcting your shots. With an average TLCI/CRI rating of 98/95 across the entire color temperature range, the Taiko’s color output is extremely accurate.

Detailed Photometric Data

Every Taiko is individually calibrated and tested before it leaves the factory. A serialized photometric calibration result sheet is included with every light that lists the lux output, CRI, TLCI, and color gamut of your light.

Color Adjustment and Effects Modes

Building on the innovative features introduced with Luxli’s Timpani 1X1, the Taiko offers adjustment modes that will take your lighting to the next level. The Taiko’s color adjustment modes are accessible from the onboard control panel or via the Composer App and will illuminate your subject with any hue of light you can imagine.

The traditional CCT mode allows you to accurately adjust your color temperature from 2800 to 10,000 K in 50 K increments with incredible accuracy.

RGB mode lets you select colors with incredible accuracy. You can set the base white point from 3000 to 10,000 K and then use the RGB color wheel to dial-up almost any color by adjusting hue and saturation levels in 1° increments.

In Filter mode, set your white balance in CCT mode, and then select between 150 Lee gels. The Taiko displays the color, taking your CCT temperature setting into account.

Effects mode offers ten preprogrammed special effects with adjustable parameters for incredibly realistic lighting effects.


The ORC-TAIKO-D90 medium-strength diffuser is included with the Taiko. It softens and smooths the beam for a diffuse, wraparound light that flatters your subjects. Lighter- and heavier-strength diffusers are available separately.

LCD Display with Intuitive User Interface

The built-in LCD display offers a simple and intuitive interface. Easily adjust brightness and color, and switch between the RGB, filter, CCT, and special effects modes with the touch of a button.

Wireless Control with the Composer Mobile App

The powerful Composer mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. While connected via Bluetooth, you can link together all your Luxli Orchestra-series lights. Whether you’re controlling your lights in unison or individually, you’ll have a whole symphony of lights at your command.

DMX 512 Ready

For studio applications, the Taiko supports DMX 512 via a 5-pin XLR connector, and it’s equipped to fit into any lighting grid or studio setting. And Luxli will keep you up to date on the latest DMX protocols at

V-Mount Battery or AC Power Efficiency

You’ll get the exact same power output whether you run the Taiko with AC or two V-mounts batteries, The Taiko’s efficient power draw means you won’t need a portable generator just to use your light. The Taiko delivers the same power and quality whether you’re shooting in the studio or in the field because there’s no power drop-off when it’s running on battery power.

Fanless Cooling for Silent Operation

The Taiko’s highly efficient 250-watt power draw enables high-power output without employing fans to prevent overheating. Since the Taiko has no internal moving parts, it’s a silent partner in the studio, and your mics won’t pick up any fan noise when you’re recording dialog or ambient sound.

Heavy-Duty Yoke Mount

The Taiko includes a newly designed yoke with a 5/8-inch receiver for convenient light stand mounting, and single-sided release and adjustment for the ultimate control over mounting and adjusting your light.

Taiko Effects

Ten realistic effects are programmed into the Taiko that will add realism to your scene and take your lighting to a new dimension:

• CCT Chase—a continuous loop between two color temperatures. You can adjust the start and stop color temperatures, how long the loop will last, and add or subtract green.

• Color Chase—a continuous loop between two preset colors. You can adjust the start and stop colors and saturation, and how long the loop will last.

• Explosion—simulates an explosion. You can adjust explosion frequency per minute and how long each explosion lasts.

• Fire—simulates a fire. You can choose between a candle, campfire, or bonfire, and whether there is no wind, a breeze, wind, or a storm.

• Fireworks—creates a random burst of colors to simulate fireworks. You can adjust the frequency per minute of the fireworks, and the duration of each burst.

• Lightning—simulates lightning. You can adjust the color temperature of the flashes and the length of time between each flash.

• Paparazzi—simulates the random firing of multiple camera flashes. You can adjust the number of flashes per second, the duration of each flash, color temperature, and add or subtract green.

• Pulse—creates a steady pulse that fades on and off between pulses. You can adjust the color and saturation of the pulses, and the frequency per minute.

• Siren—simulates emergency lights. You can choose between red, blue, and white; red and blue; red and white; blue and white; blue; red; or SAE Amber sirens. You can also set how many times each color will flash per cycle, how many times it will repeat, and flash duration.

• Strobe—creates a steady, flashing strobe (this one doesn’t fade like the pulse). You can adjust the color and saturation of the pulses, the number of strobes per minute, and the duration of each strobe.

Split-Panel Effects

The Taiko’s split-panel effect mode is accessible from the Composer app. It can split select Taiko animated effects between the two panels and add depth and realism to the effect. So, when simulating the aftermath of an accident or a large group of paparazzi photographing a celebrity, dual-panel mode will bring even more realism to your scene.

Firmware Updates

Luxli is always working to improve the Orchestra-Series LED lights. We’ll let you know when the latest firmware updates are available. Connect the Taiko’s USB port to your computer for the latest performance-enhancing features the minute they’re available.


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