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This legendary Leica M 50mm T0.95 Noctilux ASPH lens, custom rehoused by True Lens Services (TLS) in England, is now available in PL mount. Known as the king of low-light, it offers ultra-fast performance with unique image quality and character. Tested on RED Monstro at 8K FF with no vignette or chromatic aberration, it also covers ARRI Alexa LF and Sony Venice. Featuring a classic double Gauss optical design, aspherical elements, and floating elements for consistent image quality, it produces magical and majestic bokeh.


This lens was custom rehoused for Panny Hire L.A by the world leader in cinema lens mods/rehousing specialists, the highly regarded TLS – True Lens Services in England.

Leica M lenses are very special. This lens was already one of the most legendary lenses available, the Leica M 50mm T0.95 Noctilux ASPH, but now we have a uniquely custom-made version for Panny Hire L.A, rehoused to PL MOUNT.

The Noctilux is the Elvis Presley of stills prime lenses, the king of low-light.. The Noctilux is ultra-fast, the fastest production lens in the world today in fact, characterised by its totally unique image quality and character, it has a unique ability to isolate its subject.

We have tested this lens on a RED Monstro at 8K FF and there is no vignette, no chromatic aberration and no fall-off in the corners whatsoever, this lens has a HUGE image circle! So it would also cover ARRI Alexa LF and Sony Venice!

The 50mm ASPH Noctilux is based on a classic double Gauss optical design, with a pair of Aspherical (ASPH) lens elements, anomalous partial dispersion glass and high refractive index elements which together produce a very distinct subtle softness when wide open whilst delivering very accurate colour and very minimal distortion. The Noctilux also has floating elements that are designed to maintain totally consistent image quality throughout the full range of focusing.

1000 FPS at 4K T0.95? Or maybe 8K VV at T0.95? Or T0.95 on a RED Gemini in Low-Light mode?

We also have a RED Gemini we can hire with the lens.

We adore this lens and the soft, swirly, 3D bokeh that only this lens produces, it is magical and majestic!


• Custom PL Rehouse by TLS True Lens Services
• PL Mount
• Aperture Range: T/0.95 to T/16
• Two Aspherical Surfaces
• Rear Floating Element
• Five Partial Dispersion Glass Lenses
• Three High Refraction Glass Lenses
• 6-Bit Lens Coding
• Minimum Focus Distance: 3.3′
• Extendable Built-In Lens Hood
• Filter Thread: 105mm
• Front Diameter: 114mm (clamp-on)


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