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This set includes four focal lengths: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm (T2.3). The Cooke Anamorphic/i 1.8x Full Frame SF Prime Lenses offer exaggerated flares, oval bokeh, and other aberrations while maintaining the classic Cooke look. Designed for digital cinema and film use, these lenses cover full frame sensors and provide a 1.8x squeeze for an optimal anamorphic look. Key features include full frame coverage, enhanced flare coating, 1.8x anamorphic squeeze, hardened PL mount with /i Technology, and a T2.3 to T22 aperture range. The lenses are color-balanced and matched with other Cooke lens series, making them a versatile choice for various shooting conditions.


Cooke Anamorphic Full Frame Plus FF+ SF Special Flare 1.8x (PL)

This lens set consists of four focal lengths: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm (T2.3). These Cooke Anamorphic/i 1.8x Full Frame SF Prime Lenses provide an added anamorphic flair to the classic, natural yet sharp “Cooke look”. These Special Flare Cooke lenses offer exaggerated flares, oval bokeh, and other aberrations while complementing standard Anamorphic/i lenses. Designed for both digital cinema and film use, the Cooke Anamorphic/i SF primes cover image formats up to full frame.

Each prime lens provides a 1.8x squeeze that strikes a sweet spot between optimal pixel capture and a classic anamorphic look. For maximum optical performance, aberration, flare, and distortion control extend over the entire image area and throughout the T2.3-T22 aperture range. The Anamorphic/i Full Frame SF primes are color-balanced and color-matched with other Cooke lens series.


  • Full Frame Coverage: Designed to cover full frame sensors.
  • Enhanced Flare Coating: Provides unique flare characteristics.
  • 1.8x Anamorphic Squeeze: Ideal balance of anamorphic look and pixel use.
  • Hardened PL Mount with /i Technology: Transmits lens data to compatible cameras.
  • T2.3 to T22 Aperture Range: Wide aperture range for various shooting conditions.
  • Oval Bokeh Effects: Creates artistic bokeh effects.
  • 2.1′ Minimum Focus Distance: Close focusing capability from lens front.
  • Front Diameter: 136mm & 110mm.
  • Geared Focus & Aperture Rings: 0.8 MOD for use with follow focus and FIZ systems.
  • Marked in Feet & Meters: Dual measurements for convenience.

The Cooke Chameleon lenses provide a flexible 1.79x squeeze for both Super 35 and Full Frame / Vista Vision formats. They possess distinctive aberrations expected from anamorphic lenses but with a subtle elegance. The flare characteristic is reminiscent of classic anamorphic lenses, showing restraint and being readily controllable. Having two series with different image circles allows the cinematographer to embrace character and edge aberrations or opt for a cleaner, more restrained image depending on the shot or project.

The coverage circle covers the full large format sensor of the Alexa Mini LF, Sony VENICE/2, or Red Monstro/V-RAPTOR with 1.8x squeeze. At 2x squeeze, too many pixels would be lost. At 1.6x, there wouldn’t be enough anamorphic character. At 1.8x, you have a great anamorphic feel and about 90% of the pixels at 2.4:1. Shooting at 2.6:1 provides the full available frame and 100% of the pixels.

Performance and Practicality:

  • High Performance: Superior optical and mechanical performance, controlling flare, distortion, veiling glare, and spherical aberrations at full aperture.
  • Balanced: Covers a full 24 x 36 still size sensor with 1.8x squeeze—ideal sweet spot.
  • Practical: Eight focal lengths for different needs, each featuring the coveted Cooke Look.
  • Connected: Equipped with /i Technology for frame-by-frame digital information capture.

Each lens features both a hardened PL mount and a cable connection using Cooke’s /i Technology to transmit lens data to compatible cameras. Lens setting data including focal length, aperture, focus, depth of field, and more are provided in both feet and metric measurements.

The Anamorphic/i SF prime lenses feature a 2.1′ minimum focus from the lens front, engraved focus markings in feet on one side and meters on the other, and a hard, anodized finish. The lens is constructed with 0.8 MOD geared focus and iris rings for use with follow focus, zoom control, and wireless FIZ systems. A large lens barrel with 270° of rotation, an increased number of focus marks, and Cooke’s cam-style focus movement enable precise focus pulls. Most of the Cooke anamorphic series share a common 110mm front diameter size.

Cinematographers may be surprised that the widest lens in the basic set is a 40mm, which has the equivalent spherical field of view of a 22mm but, as it covers Full Frame, has the equivalent field of view in S-35 of around 15mm.


  • 40mm (36 x 24mm Full Frame / 46mm Image Circle) / 136mm Front Diameter / T2.3 (PL)
  • 50mm (36 x 24mm Full Frame / 46mm Image Circle) / 110mm Front Diameter / T2.3 (PL)
  • 75mm (36 x 24mm Full Frame / 46mm Image Circle) / 110mm Front Diameter / T2.3 (PL)
  • 100mm (36 x 24mm Full Frame / 46mm Image Circle) / 110mm Front Diameter / T2.3 (PL)
  • 32 mm T2.3, CF: 90 cm, 4.3 kg, Length: 21 cm
  • 40 mm T2.3, CF: 90 cm, 4.3 kg, Length: 21 cm
  • 50 mm T2.2, CF: 85 cm, 3.9 kg, Length: 20 cm
  • 75 mm T2.3, CF: 1 m, 3.4 kg, Length: 20 cm
  • 100 mm T2.3, CF: 1,2 m, 3.8 kg, Length: 23 cm


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