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ARRI Zeiss Ultra Prime 8R Rental The ARRI Zeiss Ultra Prime 8R is an 8mm rectilinear lens known for its unique optical design that eliminates fisheye distortions. This rare and highly desired lens delivers maximum contrast, resolution, and macro-quality close focus. Compact and lightweight, it is perfect for music videos, establishing shots, action sequences, and more. The Ultra Prime 8R maintains straight lines with zero distortion, making it ideal for various creative applications.


The rarest, most desired, and hardest to find extreme wide-angle lens ever made! The Ultra Prime 8R is an 8mm rectilinear lens, and it is now available for rental. If this lens were a watch, it would be a Paul Newman Rolex Daytona—that’s how special this lens is.

Key Features:

  • Unique Rectilinear Design: Keeps straight lines completely straight with zero noticeable image distortion.
  • Special Optical Glass: Utilizes anomalous partial dispersion with luxury glass materials.
  • Floating Lens Elements and Aspherical Lens Surface: Enhances optical performance.
  • Maximum Contrast and Resolution: Consistent over the entire focus range.
  • Macro Quality Close Focus Performance: No noticeable chromatic aberration or geometric distortions.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Smaller and lighter than a 10mm Ultra Prime, perfect for tight and enclosed spaces.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for music videos, establishing shots, action sequences, interior car shots, small rooms, and underwater shooting.

The Ultra Prime 8R creates a totally unique look based on the ‘rectilinear’ optical design. Typically, an extreme wide-angle lens suffers from fisheye distortions, especially on the edges of the frame, but this unique rectilinear lens design keeps the straight lines rock solid straight with zero noticeable image distortion. The 8R is very unique and special, and very rare and hard to find too.

The Ultra Prime 8R lens design embraces the pinnacle of optical design technology and techniques, using special optical glass with anomalous partial dispersion, floating lens elements, and a radical aspherical lens surface.

The Ultra Prime 8mm delivers maximum contrast and maximized resolution, entirely consistent over the entire focus range, and it includes a macro-quality close-focus performance threshold. There is no noticeable chromatic aberration or geometric distortions either.

The highest quality extreme wide-angle lens ever built, nothing anywhere near this level has been attempted before or since—the 8R is one of a kind.

The 8mm Ultra Prime provides an extreme wide-angle perspective; the straight lines stay straight—no barrel, no curving, no pincushion = no distortion.

The 8R is perfect for music videos, epic extreme-wide establishing shots, and sweeping vistas, as well as for action and chase sequences as the 8R perspective exaggerates speed and spaciousness. The 8R makes a small room seem huge and is great for shooting miniatures and underwater. The 8R is ideal for interior car shots, small rooms, unusual angles, and perspectives—anything where a different and exciting look is required.

The Ultra Prime 8R is also very small, nimble, and lightweight—much smaller than a 10mm Ultra Prime (the 8R weighs 2/3rds of the weight of the 10mm UP). The rectilinear design says goodbye to the traditionally huge wide-angle lens size. The Ultra Prime 8mm has a radical aspherical front element with a unique rectilinear internal lens design. Because of the small size and weight of the 8R, it can be used in small, tight, and enclosed spaces.

The Ultra Prime 8R rectilinear wide-angle lens renders all straight lines in the scene as straight lines on the captured camera image.


Name: Ultra Prime: 8R
Focal Length: 8 mm
Distagon Aperture: T2.8 to T22

Close Focus: 0.35 m/1 foot
Length (front to PL mount flange): 130 mm/5.1 inches
Front Diameter: 134 mm/5.3 inches
Weight: 2 kg/4.4 lbs
Horizontal angle of view: 114° for ANSI Super 35 silent camera aperture
Front Element: Radical aspherical lens
Lens Coating: T* XP
Coverage: The complete Super 35 image area


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