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ARRI Signature Prime Lenses Rental The ARRI Signature Primes offer a timeless look with warm, smooth skin tones, open shadows, crisp blacks, and soft bokeh. Available in focal lengths of 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 47mm, 75mm, and 125mm (all T1.8). These lenses cover large format, full frame, and Super 35 sensors, and are equipped with the LPL mount. Features include magnetic rear filter holder, 11-blade iris, and LDS-2 Lens Data System. Ideal for achieving shallow depth of field and natural-looking images. Available for rental from Panny Hire in Los Angeles.


NOTE: We can provide LPL mounts for Phantom VEO 4K, ARRI Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, RED DSMC2, RED Ranger, and Phantom FLEX 4K.

The ARRI Signature Primes offer a fresh new look never seen before in cinema. Warm, smooth skin tones, open shadows, and crisp blacks with bokeh like looking through a window in the rain. The timeless look of Signature Primes will never go out of style.

Our set of 6 x ARRI Signature Prime lenses available for rent includes 18mm / 25mm / 35mm / 47mm / 75mm / 125mm. This listing is for ONE individual Signature Prime lens, available in the following focal lengths:

  • 18mm T1.8
  • 25mm T1.8
  • 35mm T1.8
  • 47mm T1.8
  • 75mm T1.8
  • 125mm T1.8

“The image that the Mini LF and the Signature Primes produce seems, to me, more like what my eyes see than anything else I experienced so far.”

  • Cinematographer Roger Deakins CBE, ASC, BSC

Our ARRI Signature Prime lenses are in a rental 6-set ranging from 18mm to 125mm, all T1.8 and LPL mount. They cover large format, full frame, 35mm, VistaVision, LF, FF, VV – call it whatever you want! They also cover Super35 sensors and are backwards compatible due to their telecentric design. We provide LPL mounts for RED DSMC2 cameras, RED Ranger, Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa Mini, Phantom VEO 4K, and ARRI Alexa Mini LF cameras. Use our Signature Primes on almost all leading cinema cameras. We’ve got you covered for ARRI Signature Prime rental in Los Angeles!

Designed for use with full-frame, large-format sensors, the versatile ARRI Signature Primes also cover Super 35. Dedicated LF Open Gate, and Super 35 Open Gate magnetic format masks enable you to switch between formats. Stockings, nets, and voile can be used for diffusion when mounted in the Signature Prime’s rear net holder. Eleven iris blades produce smooth, rounded bokeh effects, and a telecentric design minimizes breathing.

ARRI Signature Prime rental from Panny Hire L.A creates organic images, attractive bokeh, and a fast T1.8 aperture for achieving shallow depth of field. This prime lens gently softens the large-format look, and produces pleasant, natural skin tones. Focus falls off smoothly, highlighting your subject against its background frame.

Key Features:

  • Timeless look with warm smooth skin tones
  • Open shadows with crisp blacks
  • Exceptionally soft bokeh for increased sense of separation
  • Soft and delicate flares
  • Unparalleled flexibility with magnetic rear filter holder
  • 6 matched primes from 18 to 125mm
  • Camera-independent, open standard
  • Covering all image circles up to large format 46mm
  • Backwards compatible with PL-mount lenses through rock-solid PL-to-LPL Adapter
  • Smooth focus fall-off, and a fast, maximum T1.8 aperture for shallow depth of field
  • Lightweight, compact form factor with magnesium and aluminum construction
  • 114mm front diameter across most lenses in the available set
  • An 11-blade iris produces smooth, round bokeh
  • Anti-reflective coatings, light baffles, and light traps minimize internal flare
  • Fine details beautifully rendered
  • No visible focus breathing and no distortion for easy tracking
  • Minimal chromatic aberration for a perfect key

ARRI Signature Prime lenses are equipped with the LPL (Large Positive Locking) lens mount, a key element of ARRI’s large-format camera system. The wider diameter and shorter flange focal depth allow LPL lenses to be small and lightweight, with a fast T-stop and pleasing bokeh, a combination of features that would not be possible with the old PL lens mount.

Constructed with magnesium housings and aluminum gear rings, each Signature Prime is lightweight, water-resistant, and features focus marks in feet. Anti-reflective coatings, light baffles, and light traps help to minimize any internal barrel flare.

Detachable magnetic rear filter holder, any material can be used to make a filter, from tinfoil and fishing line to stockings, wrapping paper, and vintage fabrics—each of them affecting bokeh, flaring, and diffusion in different ways. Alternatively, glass elements can be used to simulate vintage lenses, with images sharp in the center but deteriorating in the corners. Simply visit your local optician with a filter holder and ask them to fit a close-up lens of whatever strength, coating, or tint you want to try. The filter holder is magnetic, allowing fast and easy changes between looks, with no tools needed.

LDS-2 Next-Generation Lens Data System: The ARRI Signature Prime lenses are the first to use ARRI’s new LDS-2 Lens Data System, with high data rates and absolute encoders for lightning-fast initializing. LDS-2 extends the possibilities of lens data technology. The LDS-2 lens data system is backwards-compatible with ARRI’s LDS-1, and communicates with Cooke’s /i Technology.


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