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The way we are going to make meaningful change is by counteracting fear with facts.  By showing real people making real choices in real life, we can overcome the myths and misinformation that plagues the debate over our right to be armed.  We are appealing to fellow gun rights supporters for help in getting Open Arms to the television. With your help, we can make this important show happen and get it to a mainstream channel.  We don’t need to convince gun owners that our rights are essential.  The goal for Open Arms is to win over a whole nation by demonstrating the benefits of being responsibly armed. 

What is our goal?
To raise enough funds to produce and maintain creative direction of six episodes of Open Arms.

Why is creative direction important?
MB Studio Productions wants to produce Open Arms without any political, corporate, or network influence, in order to maintain the intended vision of the show, which is to inform with facts, tell real stories about real people, and dispel myths and fears with no agenda other than to demonstrate that gun owners are disciplined, responsible, safety-conscious people who care about their families, friends, and strangers alike.

How will this benefit you?
By inspiring America to ‘take a “2nd” look,’ Open Arms may change the way people think about guns, gun owners, and the importance of your right to keep and bear arms.

Shoot to Thrill is both entertaining and educational, and will appeal to a broader audience than a typical gun enthusiast show.  By illustrating how real Americans come to the decision to become a gun owner, eyes may open, minds may begin to think critically, and we may inspire an honest, informed conversation about the importance of our second amendment rights.  But it will take the financial support of the gun community to take this project of great magnitude to the next level, so that everyday Americans are given a never-before-seen inside look at the reality of gun ownership.  Public opinion is of enormous significance in the fight for the protection of our rights.  We must come together to make a difference and the time is now!  No amount of financial assistance is too small and every amount is appreciated.  We are grateful to you and we welcome your support!!

No contribution is too small!!

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